I’ve just been getting on with it for the last week, more or less having supper every day and breakfast every other. As a weight loss technique it’s very effective: it’s taken me a fortnight or so to lose all the weight I put on over Christmas, ie about half a stone. As that was my total weight loss to date I was very annoyed to have gone back to square one! I was amazed how easily I settled into the pattern.

I disgraced myself over the weekend as I was “allowed” chocolate, and that sort of thing seems to flick a switch in my brain and put a different area in control. Today I’ve been to the supermarket and I’m cooking a few things – it’s incredible how often that happens on fast (ie no breakfast) days, or maybe I’m just more conscious of it. I’m determined to hang on in there today and get back into my pattern. I need to taste the mince I’ve made (well ahead of time) for supper and the broccoli & Stilton soup I’ve made for the freezer but I daren’t, as I know I’ll be switched on to food if I do and suddenly it’ll be a bowlful of soup and the floodgates will open.