I’m often asked about LCHF and fasting by people who like the idea but “could never do it” – well phooey to that; if I can do it, anyone can do it. Something that comes out in every conversation is how things have changed over the year that DH and I have been doing this. At first we were like kids in a sweet shop, gorging on all the things we were ‘allowed’ to eat and in my case, majoring on frozen berries zizzed up with double cream. Then things settled down and became very salad-focussed over the summer, together with introducing 5:2 fasting. In the autumn things changed again as we ate fewer salady things and wanted more warming winter foods, and this year they’ve changed yet again as I’ve tinkered with my fasting pattern.

For us, changing how we eat hasn’t been a single, overnight step; it’s evolved and it will probably carry on doing so. I’m managing well on a much smaller food intake than I could have envisaged a year ago. I’m also learning how food fits in to my life. It’s punctuation and something to do.

I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost since climbing back on the wagon a fortnight ago. I weigh myself in very specific circumstances, circumstances that haven’t arisen for the last week. That way I know that what I’m seeing can be trusted. This isn’t all about weight, health plays a big part too, but I’d be really disappointed if I didn’t shift this baby weight too.