Remember these little fellas? They survived that day, but they finally bit the dust yesterday when I was losing the will to live over some vile and hateful sewing I had to do. I hate sewing. That little fact is bound to come up again at some point. It doesn’t mix well with a little boys who wreck their jeans on the knee.

Apart from that the new regime is going well. I’m still a bit HIT and miss (arf arf) on the exercise, mainly because trampolining is my favourite form, but the trampoline is wet much of the time at the moment. I’m trying to keep on my toes in other ways though, mainly by not putting off chores or stalling if there’s something I need to get up and do.

I’m trying a very low food intake at the moment. I’m having supper every day so that I can eat with the children, and every other day I’m having breakfast too. The odd other morsel of food is passing my lips but it’s really not much – a handful of peanuts, something like that. My shrinking meals are LCHF and are sustaining me amazingly well. I don’t know if I can keep this up long term, it might be too much (or do I mean too little?). Temptation is slowly receding and my energy doesn’t seem to be affected at all. I’m down a pound so far this week, but I’m in the second half of my cycle, which means water retention with knobs on. Reservoirs will be shrinking and bath taps dribbling, I retain so much water over these couple of weeks. My stomach needs its own chair when I sit down and a wheelbarrow when I walk around. Still, it’s effective in making a girl look forward to her period.