Yesterday went well til mid-afternoon, when DD decided we should all have afternoon tea. She’d bought crumpets, then she and DS made scones. Stick to LCHF like glue, or join in with my daughter’s afternoon tea? No contest, and a cream tea was mine. I had nothing after that til a carrot with mayonnaise about 8pm, and then went through til 9.45 this morning with my usual cooked breakfast fried in butter. It wasn’t exactly a fasting day, but I did go from about 4pm without a great deal, and as usual in that situation was bright as a button at 11pm and still working out a new knitting technique (intarsia). The night before, having polished off the Twiglets, I’d dozed off in front of the TV by 9pm.

Yesterday’s food intake wasn’t ideal, but it’s good to feel myself getting used to handling hunger again. I’ve learnt through 5:2 that it’s not the hunger that’s hard to cope with, it’s temptation. On a fasting day I can cheerfully be hungry but just get on with it until food is put in my path; when I’m required to resist, it can all get a bit ugly.