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Getting better

I’ve been ill. For a fortnight I had a horrible cold with cough, aches and very disturbed sleep – very unusual for me, I rarely get ill – and another week feeling much better in myself but still struggling with the gunge.

I didn’t much feel like cooking for that first fortnight and I gave into carby temptation a few times, especially chocolate which exerted some kind of magnetic effect on me. I can tell I’ve strayed as suddenly my jeans are a bit tighter round the middle. I went to my morris dancing class last night after missing three sessions through illness and wow, did I feel those muscles complaining. It was then that I realized just how sedentary I’ve been lately.

IMG_20141205_104855I’m now 95% back to normal (still struggling to breathe through my nose at night which is upsetting my sleep a bit), cooking again and getting things back on track. Work’s been quiet this week so I’ve done lots of Christmas preparation and caught up with housework. I’ve been on my feet most of the day for a week and a busy weekend is coming up. It’s good to be active again.




These are courgette noodles, known as zoodles as so many languages refer to courgettes as zuchini. They’ve been prepared but not cooked.

They take about three minutes’ preparation, at least they do the way I make them. Using a very sharp vegetable peeler, simply cut strip from the courgette. Ideally you want to avoid the seediest bit in the middle, but in my experience the thing is becoming impossible to handle by the time you get down to the seeds – too floppy. A julienne peeler would make this much easier.

Shake salt over the strips and leave them in a colander to sweat a bit. I’ve prepared mine before going out to drop my daughter at a friend’s house, so they’ll have had nearly an hour, but 20m will do. Rinse the strips to get most of the salt off, and pat dry (I just give them a group hug, don’t get too fussy about this bit). They don’t need a lot of cooking – a few minutes in a frying pan will do. Today I’m going to have mine with sausages and herb butter.

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An LCHF trolley

I’ve just been to the supermarket. I do a big shop after payday and top up through the month. This is what an LCHF trolley looks like:

Mountains of butter, tubs of mayonnaise (I’ve tried making my own but never been happy with the results), mozzarella, Parmesan, cream cheese, cheddar, halloumi, fish, meat (and some baked beans – not for me!). Just out of shot are fatty mince (as it’s 23% fat it’s marketed as the bargain basement stuff – hehe!), frozen berries (both children love a double cream berry smoothie, and I have one sometimes as a treat), black olives, aubergine, kale, courgettes (I’m going to try those courgette ‘zoodles’ everyone raves about), lettuce, green beans, red cabbage, cucumber, mushrooms and fresh coffee, my personal indulgence.

I don’t buy everything from the one shop, so my next trolley included more meats (including a nice fatty brisket for stewing), blue cheese, cream, Jersey milk as a treat for my husband and pork scratchings as a treat for me, avocados, tomatoes, live yoghurt as a started for making my own yoghurt (I’m planning to make naans for the others, to go with a fish curry on Sunday, a fish curry my husband won’t eat he’s vegetarian and my son won’t eat as he doesn’t like curry. Hey ho.), tinned mackerel fillets, cooking oil (cocount is impossible to find in the English countryside), coconut milk and pine nuts. Kerching!


Weight loss stalling

When I started LCHF again a few weeks ago I lost three or four pounds very fast, which I’m sure was mostly water. I’d been conscious of water retention, especially in the second half of my cycle. Just those few pounds made quite a difference to me.

I weighed myself this morning (naked, post-poo, pre-breakfast, the only time I weigh myself) and was 12st 1/4lb, so within a gnat’s whisker of where I was before. Taking into account an inevitable element of water retention at the moment it means I’m staying more or less stable, but the weight is hardly falling off.

I admit I’m disappointed, but I have cheated a few times. Realistically I’m always going to cheat here and there, but maybe with having had a flu-type virus for the last fortnight my resistance to the odd glass of rum and piece of chocolate has been lower than usual. My meals are still carb-free zones, I rarely snack and even with the odd medicinal rum, my alcohol intake is extremely low.

I hope to be well again before Christmas starts in earnest, but I’ve heard from several people that this virus can take a month to shake off. I’m going to stick to my LCHF principles as closely as I can, especially after hearing a report on the radio this morning about the effects type 2 diabetes has on the body, and see where I am in January, when the dust settles.

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Being ill

Poor me, I’ve had a cold for a week now. It’s a particularly vicious one that has flattened me out at times. I haven’t much felt like cooking (my children have survived on toasted sandwiches and pasta) and my self-control has curled up and died. I haven’t gone mad on carby foods, but there’s no doubt that carbs = comfort so I’ve eaten a few things I shouldn’t, definitely including chocolate.

The really significant thing though is that I haven’t given up and gone back to my old habits. I’m still very stuffed up and grotty and freely confess to having just had some chocolate – good old fashioned milk chocolate, absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever. This isn’t the end of LCHF though, it’s just a blip while I have no energy or enthusiasm for cooking and no will power to resist tasty things that cross my path. Realistically these times are going to happen all through life so I need to get good at recovering from them and maintaining my direction of travel.