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Weight loss

Well dip me in egg and fry me for supper – I’ve lost half a pound, yes, half a pound! Isn’t it thrilling? I’m transformed. My jeans fit, I look great in a bikini and I’m pretty and popular.

Okay, not quite, but to see the numbers actually go down on the scales for the first time in forever is a great feeling. I do need to keep it in perspective but I’ve proved to myself that it is physically possible for me to lose weight without going to ridiculous extremes, something I really had begun to doubt.

I’m well into the second half of my cycle (any day now) when I tend to retain water and be more lardy anyway. That, together with my fasting success yesterday and last week (my definition of fasting – I’m sure it isn’t the purists’) and the knowledge that warmer weather must be on the way at some point in the next few weeks, is all rather encouraging.

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Fasting, day 3

(assumes Geordie accent, Big Brother-style).

I bummed out on my last fasting day (day 2), Thursday of last week, having done well on the Monday. It got to after lunch and I tried all my usual tricks to get through, but I just couldn’t do it. I felt slightly ill too, this non-specific slightly sick and rather weak feeling I get on and off.

I was keen to fast today after a weekend of indulgence (summer weekends are just like that, and I love them) but wasn’t sure it was realistic as it’s a Bank Holiday and half term, so everyone’s at home. Having to make food for other people and see other people eating can be the death knell for a fasting day, but I gave it a try. I woke late, always a plus on a fasting day, had a bullet proof-style coffee for breakfast (yes, a few cals between the coconut oil, butter and egg, but you’re allowed 600) and then didn’t even think about food til 12.30. I got through. I’ve learnt to tread the fine line between keeping busy to keep my mind off it but not doing too much, getting tired and ending up eating. I’ve learnt not to do gardening on a fasting day, it’s just too knackering. I’ve learnt too that the gradual siren wail of increasing hunger breaks like a wave after 5-10 mins and after that you forget all about food for a couple of hours. If at first etc.

Porl mince baked with egg

Pork mince baked with egg

For supper I made baked eggs, an infinitely customisable recipe. I meant to make it with a chopped ham base using some ham I had knocking about in the freezer, but when I came to add it to the pan it turned out to be pork mince left over from ingredients DD had needed for school cookery – oops. The glory of baked eggs though is that it really doesn’t matter. My recipe goes like this:

Sauté onion and garlic, then add whatever base protein you’re using (I was going to do DH a version with chopped veggie sausage but he had other ideas). When more or less cooked through add passata (or you could add cheese sauce for a blanc or tomato-free version) and herbs/spices, then put into one big dish or individual dishes. Add grated cheese then crack one egg per person on top. Bake at a fairly high temperature (otherwise the eggs take an eternity to bake). Service with salad, coleslaw etc. DH was having pitta bread with his hastily-concocted Quorn curry so of course I fell and had one too, and the children thoroughly enjoyed pitta with their baked eggs too.

It might seem curious to eat supper on a fast day but I almost always eat supper with my children and this is an approach that has worked for me in the past. Today has really been surprisingly easy. I had a modest supper and have no intention of indulging this evening, despite the bottle of red wine and soft brie that’s sitting out on the side. I’ll enjoy those tomorrow evening with DH 🙂

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Fasting, bloating and carbs


The baking that isn’t tempting me at all today

As I posted on Monday, I’ve had to accept that if I want to lose weight I have to go back to 5:2. Both on Monday and today I’m really feeling the benefits, in what is a rather contradictory few days.

I tucked away the carbs at the weekend so it was a pleasure to give my system a break. It’s hard to be certain of anything but I strongly suspect that carbs make me feel bloated and generally a bit crap. Although I didn’t eat a lot on Monday what I did eat was carb-heavy: no-one held me down and forced the food in but I would have looked very rude twice that day if I hadn’t gracefully accepted what was on offer, and I don’t want to lose weight so much that I don’t care who I offend.

I was very happy that I kept to a fairly small portion of DD’s fish pie at supper on Monday. Tuesday was a fairly normal day though I was noticeably hungry. I had an appointment late afternoon that would have been much harder had I been hungry, so fed up with feeling hungry an hour after I’d eaten (it happened all day, despite sticking to LCHF meals) I had a cheese sandwich with real bread. And pickle. Later that day I felt very odd, a bit sick but just generally odd, and ended up having more fish pie (sauce made with flour, topped with mashed potato – dietary disaster area but delicious). By 9.30 that evening I was so sleepy I could barely crawl up the stairs.

Yesterday I had to do some baking as I had guests in the evening and in this group I’m in whoever hosts provides cake. I made seed cake and rock buns. The seed cake I left intact but I had two rock buns. During the evening I ate crisps and had another rock bun and two slices of seed cake. My will power has left the building, clearly. Just before my guests arrived I went to put on my boots just to look a little more spruce, and the zip bust open. Fortunately it’s not broken, it just couldn’t cope with evening legs (anyone else find snug knee boots are easier to get on first thing in the morning?) but it really was one of those uh-oh moments.

I woke at 3am feeling crap again – a bit sick and generally odd. This morning I look six months pregnant. There’s really no doubt in my mind now that carbs are the root of all evil. Today is another very welcome fast day – I can pretty much feel the bloating and malaise lifting as I leave my digestive system to its own devices, just sipping water. I did start this morning with fresh coffee and double cream but you’re allowed 600 calories on a fast day and that was how I chose to take mine (though I doubt even I could squeeze 600 cals worth of cream into one albeit large cup of coffee).

The baking is in a tin behind me. I’ve just been into the tin to photograph the contents. It looks and smells delicious but I’m really not tempted now. I want this lead weight round my middle to disappear completely and to shrug off this lethargy. I’m optimistic that as the fasting carries on twice a week and carbs disappear to nothing I’ll feel better and better.

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Hello fasting, it’s been a while

About two years ago, DH and I were in a good fasting groove and both losing weight. Then Christmas. Christmas 2013. Yes. We’ve flirted with it since but neither of us has settled down with it. I think we’ve both been secretly hoping for a weight-loss miracle, but unsurprisingly it hasn’t happened.

I’ve had to accept, reluctantly, that fasting is the only way that I lose weight these days. If I want to be shot of these extra 2-3 stone that make my heart sink every morning as I decide which clothes will hide it and that I can face being seen in, and I do, I really really do, then I have to go back to fasting.

Today is the first day in ages that I’ve planned to fast and have stuck to it apart from one sroopwaffel and a prawn. The sroopwaffel was offered to me at a friend’s and as they are about my favourite thing in the whole world I gracefully accepted, but just the one, despite them being pressed on me. The prawn was left behind in DD’s cooking ingredient tupperwares that she brought back from school and as prawns are my second favourite thing in the whole world, I ate it.

Today had to be the day to start for three reasons:

  • we positively disgraced ourselves foodwise at the weekend
  • if I don’t start something as soon as I decide on it I’m doomed
  • every day brings us nearer to proper summer weather and – gasp! – exposing flesh

I’m flipping hungry just now and a bit tired but it’s okay. I’m optimistic that I’ll get through til supper time, when portion control will be my issue. Sometimes on fast days I’ve made it through til supper then eaten a day’s worth of food. Not really the idea.

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The hardest nut to crack

NutsAs I’ve mentioned time and time again, I’ve lost no weight on LCHF in three years. I’ve lapsed here and there but I’ve been ‘good’ for enough of that time to make a difference, but it hasn’t. That doesn’t change my commitment to it as I like the health benefits and the ‘evenness’ of my what energy I have, but I’m disappointed. Every now and again I wonder why I’m denying myself a few things I like (I don’t miss most of the carbs I avoid, but there are a few odds and ends) for so little apparent gain, and last night was one of those moments.

Anyway, today is another day. Periodically I read up on LCHF eating to see if I can identify where I’m going wrong, if I am. Of the top five LCHF ‘mistakes’ I’m not guilty of no 5, eating too many carbs, or no 4, eating fake low carb products – I don’t like messed about food of that sort so avoid it.

No 3 is unnecessary eating (I don’t know what 2 and 1 are as I haven’t subscribed to the Diet Doctor membership so don’t have access to the full video). I think we may be on to something here but it’s relatively easily solved. It’s supper time, the children are hungry, my husband might be hungry, but I’m not, so I sit down and take part in the meal time, but don’t eat. I dislike doing this in front of my 13 year old daughter as it can be interpreted that starving yourself is good, but she knows I’m not starving myself and conversely, she sees me eating plenty often!

No, my real issue is wanting food when I’m not hungry, when I have no hunger pangs or rumbles at all, but just fancy something and can’t get it out of my head. That’s what I need to overcome. Just now I was standing in the kitchen talking to my husband and just ate a sausage that was sitting in a tupperware next to me. I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t need it, but I ate it. At other times I’m not triggered by seeing food (though that is a real problem for me) but just getting that munchy feeling. I need an anitdote to that, but I haven’t found it yet.

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